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Circle of Fire

Circle of Fire - Michelle Zink You can find more of my reviews (plus discussions and giveaways) at Christina Reads YA.Mini review this time!Things I loved:1. Lia/Dimitri - No kidding when Michelle Zink said there was some sexy in this book. And Dimitri has some of the most romantic lines I've ever read.2. Lia/Alice - Complex throughout the trilogy. One of the best villain relationships I've read. One that doesn't put down all women though the villain is female. One that shows how far twins can stray from one another when their goals are separate.3. Victorian Feel - Just like in PotS, Circle of Fire has the same Gothic Victorian feel to it but without all the emphasis on speaking in too stiff of a manner. And also, not as much emphasis on propriety. Another wonderful aspect to the trilogy.4. the Prophecy - Even if you haven't read PotS, I think you could still read this book. Granted, you'll be missing out on a lot of the little details - like what Lia really remembers about Altus and whatnot - but the details of the prophecy are all worked out here. It was nice to see that come to an end and see how Ms. Zink had included so many little details in it.5. Character Maturation - If you've read PotS & Guardian of the Gate, you'll appreciate seeing just how much Lia has matured and seeing how close she comes to losing the determination she's had all along.6. James vs. Dimitri - I liked how this book highlighted the differences between James and Dimitri. It's nice to see how this love triangle and Lia's choices goes hand in hand with Lia's character maturation. I'd even say that James is a foil for Dimitri and just shows much stronger of a romantic interest Dimitri is.Things I Wish Were Done Differently:1. Dimitri's Past - Sometimes he feels like too ideal of a boyfriend. I wanted to know more about his Grigori past, more about who *he* is and not only about his devotion to Lia and the ending of the prophecy.2. More Alice scenes - Because Alice is such a compelling and complex villain, I would've loved to see more of her. Her perspective honestly seems the most interesting, and I know that some people have complained about the other characters so...3. More scenes showing the Souls's cruelty - Because although in previous books it was shown how cruel the Souls could be, I wanted to see it again. Having Lia constantly mention their danger took away the *feel* of danger. I needed a reminder, but there really wasn't one. Just Lia talking about how they made Sonia betray her in GotG, how Lia's always tired from fighting them, how she's running away from them in the Plane. But they don't do anything directly threatening in this book.This book was a great end for the trilogy. I especially liked how the ending made it possible for more development of the fantasy world, maybe even a few short stories about what happened to the characters afterwards.