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The Shadow Society

The Shadow Society - You can find more of my reviews (plus discussions and giveaways) at Christina Reads YA.Ten likes/dislikes:1. (+) Darcy, the protagonist - Spunky, hard-working, creative, fresh, independent. Makes mistakes and learns from them. Has a loyal group of friends but a past that suggests that she wasn't always so liked. Vulnerable enough to make her easy to relate to yet still strong.2. (+) World-building - What I liked most about the world was how real and applicable it felt to today's society-- particularly the shades, terrorism, and issues of belonging. The shades and their history were well-built and believable. Rutkoski uses Darcy's ignorance to show you the details little by little so that you are experiencing the world with Darcy. This also happens as Darcy travels between both versions of Chicago and learns more about her past and that of her (new) family. Although there are info-dump sections, they don't occur all at once, and they're placed after a discovery that demands an explanation, so really you forget they're info-dumps. In general, I was impressed by the amount of thought and detail Rutkoski placed into creating this fresh and original world.3. (+) Romance - It's not easily earned. So many times, the characters misread each other's emotions and intentions, but that made the union that much more interesting for me at least. I also was really pleased with the fact that Conn and Darcy become friends and learn how to trust each other before falling in love, and that Darcy recognizes how her behavior in the beginning can be construed -- that she knows she's being a bit dependent, a bit foolish about a guy who she can sense isn't everything he seems. Although Conn at first seems like that typical "mysterious/hard/silent" type, there is a lot more to him than meets the eye.4. (+) Themes - I would like to refer you to the Goodreads quote section. Second chances, friendship, belonging, identity, faith, presence, terrorism, and more that I just can't think of now. Stephanie Sinclair, on Goodreads, said it best: "All her life Darcy has wanted to know about the past she couldn't seem to remember, but the longer she spends in the alternate division the more she discovers that it's filled with more that just shadows." I think that's a good metaphor, and a great way of describing part of the character growth Darcy goes through (see below).5. (+) Character Growth - Yay for a protagonist who grows a lot in the first book! Minus the fact that the ending leaves room for some unresolved issues to be later developed, this book could have been a stand-alone novel, especially given how much stronger Darcy becomes by the end.6. (+/-) Characters - While Darcy's friends provided a lot of entertainment, and while it was nice to see a female protagonist in paranormal romance who had friends beyond what the romantic interest provided, I didn't think the characters (beyond Darcy & Conn) were developed enough for me to believe in their authenticity.7. (+/-) Plot - While there are a lot of good twists, there are also some which are not explained very well, or at least some that felt so rushed, I had trouble suspending my disbelief. Other than that, the plot was satisfying in that it had clearly defined stages--the beginning for our characters/setting the stage, everything thrown into uncertainty, and counting down till the final battle/realization.8. (+) Writing - I particularly liked the writing because of Darcy's spunky voice. I thought it was quite original and refreshing, so I don't remember feeling as if the writing suffered from some of the common mistakes (i.e. cliches, etc.). Also, it had a literary feel to it which was enjoyable.9. (--) Pacing - This was the worst part. There were times when I considered putting down my computer, because the story started to drag, while I wanted it to hurry along so I could find out what happens. I'm glad I kept at it, though, because I thought the book was certainly worth it.10. (+) The Cover - What a beautiful reflection of the Shades and an alternate Chicago. And the blues-- perfect for the mood too.The Shadow Society takes paranormal romance to another level with its detail-oriented world-building, unpredictable twists, and themes that bring an unexpected layer to the character relationships. A recommended read, if you don't mind the length/a slow start.