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Blogging & Booktubing

Yeah, yeah, I link to my booktube videos and now I'm writing about booktubing. *shrug* That's because blogging and booktubing actually feel pretty similar to me, and I'm planning on doing both for a while at least.


You know how in those posts for beginner bloggers, they mention how you should know 100% the work involved in blogging before you start out? I knew this. I knew that blogging took a lot more time than people generally thought. I figured that booktubing would be similar, but once again I managed to underestimate the time involved.

The editing, the thumbnails, the number of times I repeat myself because I'm talking too quietly or mumbling or saying something stupid. The research involved! I feel like blogging was fairly self-explanatory for me because I'd been involved more in the community before actually blogging myself. I had followed many authors, I'd started to see and read book blogs before creating one for myself... but booktube? Yeah, I'd watched some videos. Didn't mean I knew how I would act with one or in front of a camera. I didn't know a thing about intros or outros or which video programs allowed for image overlays and which did not (hint: Microsoft Live Movie Maker, you suck!). I'm still behind on that front because it seems like a lot of programs cost a lot of money and the free ones I downloaded can't do overlays. It's a lot like book blogging, how it can cost you quite a bit of money if you choose to host giveaways and have a special domain name and change your design often, etc. One cool thing about the time, though, is that I've gotten to play around with the thumbnails of my videos, which is one of the things I'd "resolved" to do this year: more graphics! Before my vacation, I didn't even consider the idea that I ought to be making better thumbnails and then someone helped me with feedback on my channel and voila! I'm hoping more good solutions come my way...

To counterbalance the negative are the reasons I'd started the channel. When I first started blogging, it was sophomore year of college. It was the hardest academically. I was still pre-med and I was not technically failing, but I felt like a failure. I still hadn't accepted the fact that I didn't want to be a doctor. I needed something that would reignite my passion, something that would give me a voice. And so began this blog. The booktube channel is more about my finding my voice now. I'm living on my own, I'm starting to become more confident in my life and future, but I'm still self-conscious and I'm still not as comfortable with myself as I'd like to be. Sometime in the future, I'm hopefully going to be a professor and I'd really like to be able to film myself teaching and potentially post those videos online, make the knowledge accessible to my current students and to anyone else who was interested. I want to become a better public speaker. I need to, for my future sanity and career. It's not quite the same, but it's good practice. I also really like the idea that when I talk about books, on booktube you'll be able to tell my tone much more easily. Or so I think.


Another one of the goods things of having a blog before booktubing is that I can reuse some of the material from here. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure some of you are giving me the evil eye, but I bet a lot of you have never even looked at my recommendations page. I spent HOURS and HOURS writing everything down there, explaining myself and the awesomeness of certain books, but what good are those recommendations on a stagnate page? It's nice to have material that I haven't really ever posted to discuss with others via video and try to promote these novels. Booktube is giving me the opportunity to use that page and make that information count for something.

It's also forcing me to get better at describing novels. You can't go on and on about a book on booktube. You're going to lose your audience fairly quickly that way (or so I'd assume?). On a blog it's a lot easier to skim a review. Skimming a video? Maybe. Or maybe I'm just not at that stage and don't feel comfortable doing that. Whatever the case be, I feel like I'm starting to get in the habit of describing books via pitches. Or trying to summarize their overarching plots in one sentence. Which is a pretty good skill to learn, I think, because it might help me write better reviews here in the future. And also become a better writer in general. (+ public speaker?)

I'm kind of excited, y'all. I've got a lot of plans for this blog and the booktube channel in the future. As I said before, all reviews on this blog are scheduled through the first week of April. I've got some discussion ideas for each week, and I might be making some recommendation graphics soon. On the booktube, I've got a video schedule through May. It's like booktubing has gone full circle and made me more excited about discussing books everywhere. I said in my New Year's resolutions post that my major problem was my enthusiasm level. Not so much anymore!

Would you ever consider starting a booktube channel and keeping your blog? Have you ever viewed either as a challenge? Got any suggestions you'd like to see for either this blog or my booktube channel? Would any of you be interested in collaborations? I've got lots of ideas on that front... :)