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"A children's story which is enjoyed only by children is a bad children's story. The good ones last." --C.S. Lewis

Welcome to the Lushables, My BookTube Channel!

Surprise! I've been hinting at this for over a year because I've been thinking about creating a booktube channel for over a year. I tried once before, sometime last year, to make a video about my favorite books, thinking that talking about my favorite books would help with the nervousness, but breaking news! being depressed and self-conscious do not make for a good booktube. Who would've thought? I was happy to find that I'm less self-conscious now (maybe tripping nearly every day on my way to work has actually been beneficial...) and potentially less awkward - y'all can be the judge of that, though really I've always been an awkward penguin. Maybe now a more accepted penguin?


And now the video:


For your convenience, here is an approximation of what I said:

"Hi, everyone. I'm Christina and I've been book blogging at Christina Reads YA for about four years. Creating a book tube channel has been on my mind for over a year and recently, I thought why not? One question you might have for me is why I didn't use the same name as my blog, Christina Reads YA. The answer is that I've been blogging for about four years and I thought that maybe it was time for a little something different. Also, I've been a book lush for over twenty years. It's time to own up to my addiction. These first few weeks I'm going to focus on creating "book bytes" which will be round-ups of recent MG / YA / NA book related news, and if you're familiar with my blog, basically they'll be shortened versions of my bookish rounds posts. I thought that this would be helpful for people who don't have the time to look through these MASSIVE posts. I'll also feature my "Diary of a Book Lush," because being a book lush means having interesting stories related to books. I have many more plans for the channel, but that's what's up and coming and I hope you'll stick around to discuss your lushables with me.  Have a great night."


Here's what I'm envisioning the schedule to be like:


Introduction (Tuesday) | Book Bytes (Bookish Rounds Summaries) | Tubin' Thursdays (Diary of a Book Lush)



Book Bytes | Tubin' Thursdays*


**The schedule will change eventually, but I thought that opening with "Diary of a Book Lush" would be good because I'm not often personal on the blog & talking about the stories behind some of my best friendships makes me happy. Eventually I'll run out of stories and you'll get to see all the other ideas I've compiled into this Google Doc come to life ;P. I might start filming other videos even before then (e.g. Book Wrap-ups, 'cause I still have to write mini reviews for a couple of novels...), but since my time is limited... well, don't expect it until it's there. I will post the videos here on Thursdays as long as I can remember to do so.


**Yes, to anyone who is wondering if the Lushables has extra significance as a name.


**This is my first time really ever editing and creating videos and my first time, too, with Flash for creating that little introduction. Please don't judge 0.0. I'm still such a noob, I know.


**Feel free to subscribe. I could use the extra encouragement to continue... ;)


Let me know what you think!