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The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West

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If you follow my blog closely, you'd know that not long ago, I posted my glowing review of Pivot Point by Kasie West. I loved the characterization, the plot, the humor, etc. And The Distance Between Us is a great follow-up. Caymen is hilarious. She's sarcastic, has this dry humor that catches people who don't know her off-guard but makes you grin stupidly while you're reading. Xander is a wonderful book boyfriend: patient, kind, loyal, considerate, thoughtful (their dates--grin!) and apologetic when need be. Also, it felt like Kasie West had read my mind: she created this strong, independent, funny heroine who likes science! (Also also, KW includes yet another awesome strong female friendship, and a strong emphasis on the mother-daughter bond.) This book is wonderfully fluffy, or as another reader told me, "flufftastic."


If you're looking for a fun, glowing, and fast-paced summer read that will give you a bunch of feels and make you feel warm inside, The Distance Between Us is definitely a candidate.






The ending ruined the book a bit for me. Suddenly Caymen discovers that she's actually rich - that not just her father is rich; her mother's parents are rich too. Despite having disowned her mother, Caymen's grandparents come back into their lives right when things are coming to a crapshoot, when Caymen and her mom will have gastronomical hospital bills to pay in addition to the debts they owe on the doll store. Thus everything is resolved. Their money problems? Psh. Caymen's college problems? Not anymore. The surgery? No worries there. The ending just felt too rushed and too much like magic, too idealistic for me personally. The book was so much fun until this, when it felt like the floor was pulled out from under me. This is obviously a personal preference, and may not bother every reader.




If you need everything to make sense or fit perfectly, this may bug you. Otherwise, you're good to go, and I hope you enjoy TDBU.